RTP Robotics K1 LifeBot

RTP K1 LifeBot

Medical Robot

RTP Co. Ltd, as an active company in the Field of Control, Robotics and Printed Electronics, offers its new medical robot, K1 LifeBot which can not only assist doctors and nurses in providing patients with effective healthcare, but also considerably alleviate their heavy duties.

The K1 LifeBot is exclusively designed to provide a safer medium through which doctors can safely communicate with patients infected by contagious and infectious diseases, including corona. In addition, due to the fully sealed body design, deploying the K1 LifeBot is certainly a promising approach for isolated environments in hospitals or any other areas that require minimal human traffic.

At RTP, we believe in innovation, science and technology as key elements that can face various challenges in different fields. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Equipped with different sensors to measure patients’ vitals including “temperature”, “heart beat rate” and “blood oxygen level”

Delivering food and medicine to multiple rooms in each run thanks to the K1 LifeBot shelf-like structure

Enabling doctors to communicate with their patients via video calls

K1 LifeBot Main Features

RTP Robotics K1 LifeBot

Remote Control: K1 LifeBot is controlled using an operator benefiting from the Robot’s navigational tools.
ROS Melodic Morenia Software: has been utilized for robot programming
Multi Agent Function: enables the control unit to take control of multiple K1 LifeBot robots at the same time.


While the robot is moving, anti-slip pairs on the trays prevent food, drink, medicine, etc. from falling.
Moreover trays can be easily removed and reset to facilitate disinfection of the robot.


Fully sealed body prevents the internal area from being contaminated.

K1 LifeBot Main Features

RTP Robotics K1 LifeBot

Using stereo vision not only provides the operator with a perfect experience of the robot surroundings, but also it assists in preventing robot collision with the help of obstacle detector sensors located in the rear and side parts of the K1 LifeBot lower body.


Thanks to the non-contact infrared thermometer sensor, patients’ temperature is measured.


Using the pulse oximeter sensor, other vital parameters of the patient, such as heart rate and blood oxygen level, are measured.

Product Characteristics

Size520 x 525 x 1080 mm
Weight40 Kg
MaterialABS/ Aluminum alloy
Charging Time6 H
Endurance6 H
Tray bearing5 Kg
The maximum slope angle15 °
Easy to use

Application Spotlight

In sum, the outstanding features of the K1 LifeBot medical robot, including patient monitoring, telecommunication and fully sealed body structure, make it a great choice to be considered for various hospital applications such as patients’ rooms, laboratories, different sort of isolated rooms (class S, N, P and A) and even clinics.


Days from idea to produce


Hours per person


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